Rigid Boxes for Displaying your Charm Bracelets Collection


Do you have a variety of gold, silver and copper charm bracelets with intricate designs? Showcase the trendy jewelry pieces in dazzling packaging to captivate the shoppers. Striking display boxes would add exquisiteness to your product range. Investing in your custom packaging would get you prolific results for customer acquisition and retention. Just like you think of a branding idea that makes your brand noteworthy, come up with retail boxes that serve as an insignia of your business. Packaging can be sagaciously used to build rapport with the existing and new buyers. Describe your unique value proposition in a compelling manner on custom printed rigid boxes to give consumers a reason to rely on your offers. 

You can present the festive jewelry items in themed packaging to suggest gifts for Valentine’s, Mother’s Day and Christmas. Boxes announcing an up to 20% off flash sale would persuade the shoppers to check it out. You can create hype for a new collection by giving a peek about it using the packaging. On jewelry festivals, boxes with your brand’s name and logo would help with building distinguished identity for your business. You can make your online store an instant hit by promoting it through packaging. Do you know a printing professional that can provide you creative box design and manufacturing services? 

If yes, share with your printer the purposes you want the packaging to serve to have it custom made according to your requirements. 

Tips in today’s post are about printing gripping boxes and making the most out of them!

Use Packaging for Creating Delightful Customer Experiences 

Boxes for charm bracelets should be strong and resistant to protect the items from losing shine due to moisture and fragrance. You can attach a greeting card with the shoppers’ names on packaging for giving a genial gesture. Therefore, send a gift card with online orders exceeding a specific purchase amount. On festivities, embellish the packaging with decorative flowers and ribbons to woo the buyers and make them feel cheerful with their buying decision. 

Themed Rigid Box Packaging 

Boxes for jewelry items can be made amusing by using catchy pictorial and text details. You can have celeb quotes, fashion graphics and interesting content for your packaging. So, if you have an inspiration behind a range, tell a story using the box design. Moreover, packaging can have names of the events where your bohemian and classy pieces are worn by popular models. Do you make custom bracelets with names’ initials and symbols? Highlight this on the boxes for getting more potential buyers. 

Handy and Reusable Boxes 

Customize packaging by considering the convenience of the consumers. The box shape or style needs to be user friendly so that opening, closing and carrying it don’t turn out to be a hassle. Have inserts made to fit the bracelets or pin them so that they don’t lose a hook during delivery. 

Custom rigid boxes with good space are likely to be reused for sorting and storing hair pins, studs and similar items. Packaging should have your updated and accurate contact details so that shoppers can connect with your team for questions related to the kind of metals used in jewelry, making time and pricing. Furthermore, insert a card with simple to follow steps on cleaning the bracelets and retaining their luster.

Businesses prefer Packaging Republic as their printing partner for its trusty and timely services. Ask for a free price quote from the team to see how much you can save up on your print job!

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