Why is cybersecurity so important? What it is?


At the moment, this concept is known to almost everyone. But few people know for sure why cybersecurity is needed and what is its difference from other means of protection in the information environment.

It is important to understand that this concept is not a special case of defense against attacks. Cybersecurity is the embodiment of all protection measures for networks, applications, and devices. This decision is aimed at the security of confidential data, at protecting their integrity, as well as at maintaining the correct operation of an organization.

This solution has become widely popular not just because of the novelty of the approach. The thing is in the rapid growth of various types of attacks, which are becoming more sophisticated over and over again.

Cybersecurity principles

Since it has already been possible to find out that this concept is a complex of protection measures against various threats, it is also necessary to understand what they should be aimed at.

Company employees

The human factor has been and will be the most vulnerable point in information security. In this regard, the coverage of the concept of cybersecurity among workers is useful prevention. Employees should understand why set complex passwords for accounts and change them at regular intervals, how to handle confidential information, and also why back up data.


Any protection in the information environment should be based on one proven principle, from time to time filling the system with additional measures. This will create reliable protection against the most popular threats.


In addition to the previous paragraph, you must also have a stock of certain safety components. A list of devices and applications to be protected is determined, and a protection tool is selected for each type.

The end result

Almost any organization is aware of the concept of security for all devices that they have. But until the question arises of data leakage, theft or extortion of company funds, equipment failure – no one, unfortunately, is particularly worried about the lack of certain protection measures.

Therefore, in order not to repeat the mistakes of most other companies, you need to take care of this in advance. Currently, many different organizations conduct cybersecurity research, identifying new threats in this area. This allows many companies to save their money and energy spent on recovering stolen data.

The most common attacks now are

Ransomware. A common example is when a user downloads an allegedly safe program that blocks the entire file system and requires a ransom to unlock. There is no guarantee that this will help, of course.

Viral software. File system infection, data corruption, and the entire computer system.

Social Engineering. A more subtle method that aims to disclose confidential information. Attackers, as a rule, enter into correspondence with an employee, pretending to be a trusted person, thereby obtaining the necessary data. This type of threat can successfully work with other types.

Phishing Also, most often it looks like a trusted letter asking to send money or provide sensitive information.

This is just brief summary of the most dangerous threats. As can be seen from the examples, it is rather difficult to recognize such attacks without the help of additional protective measures.

Therefore, in addition to preventive conversations with employees about the importance of cybersecurity, it is necessary to have tools in their arsenal that will help them in this.

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