How Much Does it Cost to convert an iOS App to Android


Android is the most popular mobile platform in the world. A meticulously designed mobile application that has exclusive features, interactive contents and customized elements can get you optimum business growth. Before discussing the cost of converting an iOS app to Android, one must know the different factors affecting the conversion. The understanding regarding the technical limitations, necessity of amending basic codes and difference in design features will help you to recognize the complications that lie on the path ahead.

A careless approach for conversion can turn detrimental for the performance. The app may lose important features or design peculiarities and will end up meaningless for your brand. The technical experts of the mobile app development company in Kochi and many other locations have researched the systematic methodology to convert an iOS app to Android, including the shortcomings and technical impediments.

The basic aspects that distinguish the apps in Android and iOS are elaborated below.

Behaviour Pattern and Appearance

Every designer wants to make his or her designs unique and appealing. They put up extra efforts to develop something that is not similar to anything available in the market. The same is the case with Android and iOS. The design and development team at both entities made very different platforms, which are not similar to each other in any manner.

The design possibilities of iOS applications are limited compared to Android. You can choose from a wide variety of animation styles, shapes, animations, graphics, icons, and feel in android. You will have to examine the pattern used and undertake necessary corrections to make the transformation effective while converting the iOS app to android and vice versa. This may require modifying the design elements, as well as, UI to make it work.

User Experience (UX) Features

The interactive features or UX features that will make sure how the user feels whilst operating the app has to be modified according to the platform. The navigation buttons, the selection pattern, hyperlinking features, tabs, icons and many other UX elements. The position, the mode of operation and response has its uniqueness.

The above-mentioned points have to be considered carefully, and the UX and UI team should work in tandem to get the conversion effective. Without losing the basic identity of the app. A detailed assessment and analysis are compulsory to this effect. The time taken for completing it will depend on the expertise of the team you assign.

Software Changes

The software choices during the development stage have to be revisited to institute additional measures to make the app suitable in the new hardware domain. The differences between the hardware structure of both iOS and android equipment have to be examined thoroughly to prevent technical glitches during the performance of the app.

The Android app interface is less complicated than iOS. Therefore, you may not require a tricky type of coding input. At the same time, the relevant aspects have to be studied judiciously by the software expert, who has ample experience in the field. Else, you will be spending money without any evident result.

New Structure

The conversion will mandate a new structure that will suit the android platform. You have to develop the architectural elements suiting the new interface. An exhaustive debugging has to be undertaken to ensure the smooth functioning of the app, simultaneous operation of numerous users and prevention of hanging/ crashing of the mobile application.

The structure will depend on the type of business or service the app is intended for. Hence, you have to consider both the requirement and the interactive feature when going ahead with the conversion.

How Much Does it Cost to Convert an iOS App to Android?

The cost of conversion will depend on several factors. Therefore, it cannot put it in numbers easily. The entire system has to be analysed, including the purpose of the app, the extent of design elements and the performance parameters has to be scrutinized and considered for calculating the cost for conversion.

One of the most important factors that distinguish iOS from android is that iOS is a closed-kind of the platform, whereas Android is open-source. In the present scenario, you cannot convert iOS to android quickly. No programs are available that help us to get it done that way. Of course, with the advancement in technology such programs may be designed, which will reduce the time, energy and expense required to convert an iOS app to android.

The cost for conversion may be around ₹100K. However, this amount is for reference only. The exact amount will depend on the size of the project, the additional features required and so on.


The conversion from the iOS app to android is a complicated affair until a specific program is developed for the same. You can contact any of the app development company discuss the conversion with our team of professionals. They will guide you about the conversion from iOS to android and resolve all your doubts.

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