How To Choose A Good Used Car In India

how to choose a good use car in India

The used car market in India is growing rapidly. The availability of good quality cars has amplified the sales of pre-owned cars. The second hand car market has grown further with the arrival of many reputed firms into the field. A few of them offer tested and technically proven vehicles and great after-sales support.

Earlier financing options were not available for used cars. The arrival of reputed used car sellers have made the field more competitive, hence, more beneficial for buyers. Financing options, better deals, offers, and after-sales support are available for used cars too. There are used car dealers who offer incredible deals that have been attracting clients towards used cars. 

While the established multi-brand used car dealers provide extended warranty options, checked and refurbished cars, the same may not be the case with individual sellers. We have tried to address the qualms of used car buyers in this blog.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Car

You must check the condition of the vehicle thoroughly, before buying a used car. Normally, the price of the used car diminishes gradually in the first three to four years. Then it steadies itself at an ideal level. Buying a used car that has been used for two to three years may be the correct option. As the wear and tear of the car will affect the performance after the car has been driven for more than five years.

The things you must consider before buying a used car are:-

Seller Reputation – Buy the second hand car in Kerala from a reliable and credible used car seller only. Else, you will have to spend most of the time repairing the vehicle rather than driving.

Model of the Car – Decide the model you want to buy. The budget you have, the required seating capacity (whether a five-seater or seven-seater), and so on need to be finalized before you venture out in search of the used car.

Usage – Avoid buying a pre-owned car, which is older than five years. Of course, established multi-brand car dealers will sell you checked, repaired, and refurbished cars only. Thereby, ensuring that the vehicle has a trouble-free operation.

Examine the Documents – The detailed examination of documents concerning the vehicle is mandatory to confirm that the vehicle is an authentic one. This should be done under expert guidance if you are buying from an individual seller you found online. Buy only from a genuine seller. Buying from an established used car showroom rules out this step. Further, the team at the dealers will undertake the paperwork too.

Checklist for Buying Used Cars

The checklist prior to buying a used car appended below. You have to carry out the same compulsorily and decide the go-ahead.   

Vehicle condition – Test drive yourself and get a trustworthy mechanic to inspect the vehicle.

Documents – The official documents including ownership papers have to be genuine. Check from the RTO too, if possible.

Market price – Check out the market price based on the brand, model, and year of manufacture. The kilometres run also must be taken into account.

Reviews – The expert reviews on the particular model will help you to confirm the quality and performance of the car.

Insurance – The insurance papers have to be checked thoroughly.

Accident Data – Check whether the vehicle had met with any major accident (s). It may be possible to confirm the same if the insurance has been claimed. Otherwise, difficult.

Single Driven Vehicle – The internal condition of major components will depend greatly on the driving pattern. The wear and tear will be according to the way one drives. It is advisable to buy a single owner/ single-driven car.

This guide aims to educate the buyers to buy used cars in Kerala and across other states in India.  Hope it helps you in deciding the purchase of a good used car.

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