6 Design Practices for Creating a Great Mobile Search UX

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It’s no wonder that modern consumers are spending a lot of time searching for solutions on their mobile phones. No matter if it is finding a food app for ordering a pizza, the Amazon app for a new pair of headphones, or looking for a Yelp app for restaurant reviews, mobile app users are utilizing search as the biggest part of their mobile experience.

Therefore, a fast, easy, and effective UX is the key to your mobile app success, especially if you have an eCommerce app that is entirely based on effective search functions. Creating an effective search UX for your mobile app is more challenging than search UX on the desktop. There is a limited screen real estate and fewer search results options that can’t be appeared at once. Mobile users are impatient, they want quick answers, and if they find any difficulty in finding their desired option, it could lead to mobile app abandonment.

If truth be told, mobile search UX can have a significant impact on your mobile app retention; if executed well, it can take your brand to a whole new level of success. Here are some tips and tricks your team of mobile app developers in Dubai should consider to create an effective search UX on mobile.

Incorporate Full-Length Search Bar

It is one of the best search styles to catch users’ attention and gives them an obvious option to search for the desired product and take immediate action. If you can manage to add a full-length search bar on your app’s home screen, it would be a wise decision. Offering a wide search box is especially great for ecommerce apps that demand great search functionality. 

Use Icon Only Search

An icon-only search is a perfect choice for those who want to maintain a minimalist and clean style while giving mobile app users complete search functionality. This search bar provides more screen real estate, and many mobile app developers prefer to use this option because of its simplicity and effective aesthetics.

Offer Relevant Default Search Options

Providing mobile app users with more relevant default search options is a great way to personalize their search queries. Offering default search options allows users to put less effort while making the app significantly easier for the user. Offering relevant search inputs can save users valuable time and increase your chances of getting more conversions and sales. If used poorly, it can instantly annoy users and impede your search UX.


It is a powerful yet effective tool that mobile app developers can use to minimize data input and help users get immediate, relevant results. It is advised to display auto-suggestions after the third character of any query, as the sole reason for the auto-suggestion search is to minimize keystrokes on mobile and increase your product’s ease of use. If truth be told, it is a great, effective, and quick way to help users find what they are looking for.

Voice Search

When it comes to choosing the search option for your mobile app, voice search is the most advanced technology that can be incorporated to improve your mobile app experience. Nearly every mobile app with a search box can easily be integrated with voice search technology if you position the microphone icon in the search box. Google Maps is the best example of a voice search that is receiving the greatest results compared to inputting text data.

Search Bar Animation

Adding customizations, personalizations, and microinteractions in your mobile search UX is a powerful way to create a unique interaction with your brand. Search bar animation not only captures your audience’s attention, it also makes your mobile app stand out.


A great mobile search is simple, frictionless and fast and helps users to complete the desired action. Your mobile app development team can come up with a great search UX if they follow the above-cited tips. App developers should understand the fact that the mobile app search function can have a direct impact on the app retention rate. So, it must be smart, easy and quick to meet the expectations of the users. 

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