Top 5 Most Common Fridge Problems to Watch Out For

Refrigerator Repair

Is your refrigerator act? If more than a decade old, it may be nearing the end of its useful lifespan. However, it could be possible to fix the problem and get a few more years out of the appliance. Here is how to solve the five issues most common refrigerator. We can provide you with some tips about what to concentrate for and fridge repairs in Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and etc.

Refrigerator Not Getting Cold

The device should keep food between 37 and 41 degrees. If you open your refrigerator door and feel the warm air out, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure the refrigerator is receiving power. If the light turns on when you open the door, you’re good to go.
  • Adjust the thermostat refrigerator.
  • Unblock vents that blow cool air into the refrigerator or freezer to ensure adequate airflow.
  • Vacuum coils under or behind the fridge to help with cooling performance.
  • If the fridge still does not get chilly, the fan condenser or evaporator fan can be spoiled. This refrigerator issue needs attention from an appliance repair technician.

Everything in Refrigerator frozen

The opposite problem can also occur when the temperature in the refrigerator drops too low. If everything in your refrigerator frozen, check these components:

  • Thermostat temperature control directs power to the compressor and fan motors. To check the thermostat broken, turn the knob to the highest setting and listen for a “click”. If you hear one, it is likely not disabled.
  • Thermostat sends refrigerator temperature readings to the control board. To determine whether the thermostat is broken, you have to perform multi-meter test, which may require the help of a professional.
  • Climate control board voltage supply to the compressor and fan motors, so if the part is not functioning, it can transmit continuous power and make the refrigerator is too cold. If the other components mentioned here are not disabled, consider replacing the temperature control board.

Frost in a Freezer

The old freezer is very susceptible to frost buildup. If you are having problems this refrigerator, first check to crack the door seal allows warm, moist air enter. This is a general cause of frost in the fridge. If it is not a problem, there may be something wrong with the sensor defrost refrigerator. You will need a professional to help with repairs.

Damage Ice Maker

Modern combo fridge/freezer often have a built-in ice maker for convenience. If you suddenly stop making ice, here’s what you should do:

  • Turn off the valve for domestic water supply before you start troubleshooting.
  • Pull the refrigerator away from the wall and look for any kinks or tears in the water supply line.
  • Make sure the water inlet control device is open.
  • Check the air filter of your fridge for debris and replace if essential.

If the water inlet valves are not to blame, one ice-making mechanism cannot function. Let professionals handle these more in-depth repairs.

Refusal to Run After Being Transported

If you move your refrigerator to a new home, still as straight as possible. What happens in the fridge if you give it? Lubricant escapes from the compressor to the refrigerant pipe, and if you run the tool too quickly after being at his side, the compressor can be permanently damaged, and the refrigerator will work again. If you must put your fridge down, giving the lubricant a few hours to settle down before turning the appliance back in.

Refrigerator repair schedule with All Electric Care

If your troubleshooting efforts do not go well, All Electric Care is here to fix your refrigerator problem. We serve all kinds of refrigerators and freezers, so give us a call when you need help!

It’s Always SomethingOh no! Did you know it’s not the tool you with a problem … it’s an electrical system to the one being supported? It is okay. All-electric Care is part of Neighborly family home service brands that can help with that. Contact our brands, All Electric Care for fridge repair in Pune and other cities of India.

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