Are You Looking for a Super Low and Economical Education?

far eastern federal university
  1. Super Low and Economical Education

If you are looking for a super low and economical education with greater value than Russia is the best place for you to study MBBS.

  1. Very Affordable Fee Structure

The fee structure of Russian medical universities is very affordable and the students from all across the world study MBBS in Russia.

  1. Becoming Extremely Successful all Over the World

Russian medical schools are counted amongst the best in the field and have been providing knowledge to the students for many years which have resulted in many medical aspirants becoming extremely successful all over the world.

  1. Country Does Not Believe in Racism

Russian citizens are considered to be a welcoming community and the country does not believe in racism.

  1. International Students Feels Secure

The reason which is why everyone who visits Russia feels secure and the security issues in the country are almost negligible. 

  1. Most Popular Destination for International Students

In the year 2014, Russia was ranked 6th most popular destination for international students to pursue their education. 

  1. Keep a Check on the Number of Students per Class

In Russia, the universities keep a check on the number of students per class to ensure that the full growth potential of the students is not compromised by providing small batches. 

  1. Medical Universities are Approved by MCI

There are many medical universities in Russia that are approved by the MCI (Medical Council of India).

  1. Dream of Becoming a World Class Doctor

The Indian students can pursue their dream of becoming a world class doctor from Russia. 

  1. Ranked in the List of Top 100 Medical Universities

The ranks of Russian medical universities in the world are high and as many as 30 medical universities of the country are ranked in the list of top 100 medical universities in the world. 

  1. Guidance of Highly Experienced Teachers

This is a recommended suggestion from several scholars from the world to get an education in Russia under the guidance of highly experienced teachers with excellent infrastructure facilities. 

  1. Latest Tools and Equipment are Provided to Students

The latest tools and equipment are provided in the Russian medical schools to all the students which are used to help them practice and sharpen their medical skills. 

  1. Necessary Skills and Experience

It helps them in becoming a doctor who has all the necessary skills and experience. 

  1. Highly Recognized Medical School

Once they graduate from a highly recognized medical school. 

  1. Highly Ranked in the List of the World’s Top Medical Schools

There are various medical schools in Russia that are highly ranked in the list of the world’s top medical schools by the WHO (World Health Organization). 

  1. FEFU Is Top Ranked Medical Universities

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) is one of the tops ranked medical universities in the country.

  1. FEFU Is Approved by MCI

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) has been approved by the MCI (Medical Council of India) making it one of the best for Indian medical aspirants. 

  1. Varieties of Medical Courses and Specializations

Students can easily find all the varieties of medical courses and specializations in the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) and the teachers and professors are highly experienced who are teaching these courses. 

  1. School of Biomedicine for International Students

The medical school of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) is known as the School of Biomedicine and for international students.

  1. Specialist Degree in English

The Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) has a specialist degree in English. 

  1. Housing Facilities of the University are Fantastic

The housing facilities of the university are fantastic and the rooms in the dorms are fitted with necessary amenities. 

  1. Regularly Cleaned by the Maintenance Team

They are regularly cleaned by the maintenance team on a weekly basis. 

  1. Kitchen Facilities Available with all the Necessary Things

Each floor of the dormitories has kitchen facilities available with all the necessary things required.

  1. Allowed to Use Anything to Cook Food

The students are allowed to use if they want to cook anything. 

  1. Get Acquainted with Medical Works and Training

The FEFU (Far Eastern Federal University) has a medical center which is dedicated to providing a place for the students to get acquainted with medical works and training. 

  1. Very Few Universities Provide This Feature

There are very few universities in Russia that provide this feature.

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