Simple Tricks to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger


Small spaces are quite challenging to decorate, especially small bedrooms because of one large item called bed. As you lay the bed in your room, it seems the room is full, and you cannot add style to your room. Well, you are not alone who has a small bedroom and suffering from redesigning it. Just because your bedroom is not big enough does not mean that you will compromise with your sense of style.

Although you cannot keep many decors in your room, you can be creative with colours, wallpapers, and the like. Many people take help from interior designers, but that can be undoubtedly expensive. If you have enough money to pay them outright, you can consider contacting them.

Some people do not mind funding it with short term loans because it is always a good idea to take advantage of their skills, knowledge and creativity. However, if you cannot afford to hire an interior decorator, DIY tips can be very helpful. Here is how you can make your small bedroom look bigger:

Choose Bedroom light colours

Even if you know some essential hacks, you will be successful in making your room bigger, better and more stylish. A stroke of professional paint can make your walls look awesome. It can add appeal to your simple room. To make it work for you, use light colours. If you use a dark colour for wall paint, it spreads darkness, and your room will look smaller than usual.

Light colour paint will increase the brightness of your room. If you use a dark blue or dark green colour, your room will look duller and darker. If you use a light peach colour, your room will look roomier. So, try not to choose dark colours for your small bedroom.

Some people choose different colours for walls, but this philosophy will not work for your small bedroom because it will make your room darker and smaller than usual. Monochromatic colours can make you feel that your room is spacious.

Use mounted cabinets in Your Bedroom

If you install plain cupboards in your room, it will look congested. You mustn’t compromise with the sense of space just because you need furniture items to keep your other belongings like books, clothes, trophies, and the like.

You should use mounted cabinets instead. It will create airy and open space. Fix a shelf to keep your trophies and small items that you need daily. If you need a large piece of furniture, make sure that it is elevated on thin legs. The more floor is empty, the bigger your room will be.

Remove clutter

If you want to make your small room bigger, you will have to remove clutter. The more space you keep, the better. Even though you have mounted cabinets, your room will look more cramped if there are knickknacks everywhere.

Make sure that you keep only those things in your room that you need. Of course, you will not want to have your room sterile, but it does not mean that you will overstuff. Keep photos, handicrafts and other accessories, but make sure that they are not overbrimming.

Scale your furniture

Scaling can help you fit your furniture accurately in your room. When you are designing your room yourself, you likely buy furniture that does not align and fit well. For instance, a large king-size bed has two tiny nightstands.

The size of the room matters a lot when it comes to redecorating. If the ceiling of the room is high above, you can keep a tall cupboard or a four-poster bed if it is a kid room. Do not forget to consider the location of doors and windows.

Use vertical space

If your bedroom does not have much width, you should make the most of your vertical space to make it seem larger. To occupy much of your belonging, you should have a floor-to-ceiling shelf cupboard. This will be an excellent way to store all trophies, books etc. However, not everyone is that lucky that their room will provide room for floor-to-ceiling shelves.

In that case, you find other ways to maintain your small room look more extensive. For instance, you don’t need to use two nightstands along with your bed. You can leave some space on either side of the bed using one nightstand.

You do not need to hire an interior designer to introduce a professional look to your bedroom. It is not rocket science that you cannot do. However, if you do not know how to start, you will have to seek professional help, and in that case, you may need to fund these expenses with personal loans.

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