Why go with VPS hosting?


As a business owner, when it comes to handling the technicals of your web presence, you probably feel a little bit of annoyance and dread. That’s understandable, Web stuff is a pain, and it takes a special type of personality to want to mess with this stuff day in and day out. You may notice that a lot of web people have somewhat eccentric personalities, and I say that in the nicest of ways, but there’s a reason for this. They are, to put it simply, gluttons for punishment in a way.

At the end of the day, though, they can’t make decisions for you, they can just make the stuff you choose work. They can provide you with insight and advice when it comes to choosing things, but most of them are low to push their opinions or suggestions too far, being a fairly passive and low-key crowd.

This goes especially when it comes to hosting plans. Dedicated hosting, which is the traditional approach, is remarkably expensive and high maintenance. If you want high-end, powerful hosting on dedicated servers, you’re going to pay out the nose, and you’re going to have to do a lot of your own maintenance and repairs. Your IT staff will hate your guts for this decision! What you want is fine one of the best value VPS hosting plans out there, and take advantage of a much simpler approach to hosting.

What is VPS hosting?

We’re going to skip the technical jargon here, and just explain this in a simple way. VPS hosting is basically allocating a portion of a shared infrastructure or data center to a client. An apt example that I see often in other places, and so will shamelessly use here, is comparing it to renting an apartment in a building. All of the allocated resources within that apartment belong entirely to the tenant, but there are a great many other tenants within the building, meaning the entirety of the building is divided amongst everybody.

That’s basically the way it works with VPS, and it can be laid out a few different ways. Some VPS systems give everybody their own slice of a data center, while others run them as individual processes distributed across a series of servers. This layout can become even more vague when it comes to things like cloud computing and other modern buzzwords, and exploring how all of that works is well beyond the scope of this piece.

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What can I expect from cheap VPS hosting plans?

There are downsides to VPS, especially when it comes to best value VPS hosting plans, where prices put above resources and quality. Before we get into those, though, let’s talk about what the benefits of VPS are. It’s more affordable no matter what kind of plan you go with, a lot more of the maintenance is handled by the hosting provider, updates are automatic and it’s generally more reliable thanks to distributed hosting due to cloud being a fairly standard approach these days.

Now, the trade-off with cheap VPS hosting plans is that you’re going to have a limited amount of space, a limited amount of bandwidth and probably some strict limitations on databases. The databases are probably not going to be that big of a deal, since databases are robust enough to handle several different sets of fields within a single entity. Bandwidth and space may be issues though, depending entirely upon what kind of website you need for your business.

You’ll want to talk to your IT people about what your needs are before strapping them with a super cheap VPS hosting plan that prevents them from implementing the level of functionality you need to do your thing.

As with anything else, shop around and look for the cheapest value you can get, combined with the best amount of bandwidth and space, as either going to be your too big premiums in the long run. Don’t cut too many corners, and don’t expect best value VPS hosting plans to be dirt cheap, because you do get what you pay for!

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