WordPress Plug-in Review: Optionizr


Optionizr is a WordPress plug-in that allows buyers and sellers to get the best deal. This allows buyers to maintain some products and take longer to think. This will save you from the hassle of making a bad deal, buying an unwanted product, or buying anything you want at a high price.

The concept of the plug-in is a bit like the websites of airlines such as British Airways which allows you to freeze a date and travel price. You have time to think about booking and the ticket remains pre-booked for you.

Optionizr considers proposing the concept for all industries and locations where you need to make purchases. Optionizr is available on WordPress and is compatible with WooCommerce, so if you want to sell products online, this is a plug-in you should consider using. This provides a win-win situation for consumers and customers.

How does this work for consumers?

They make choices and buy more time, usually, people are reluctant to buy anything at once, but are afraid that the price will go up if they hesitate too much. With Optionizr, it is easy for them to make decisions; they can stabilize product or service thinking before making a purchase. This is an ideal concept for consumers plus they have nothing to lose.

How does this work for companies?

This is a plug-in that can be very useful for businesses, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Optionizr.

Service: This is a unique service that you will offer to your customers, to lead your business to market. This will ensure the loyalty of your consumers and raise awareness about your brand.

Earn extra profit: Optionizr gives you the opportunity to earn an extra profit on every option purchased. 

Increase in conversion rate: Companies can increase the rate of conversion and conversion of visitors into potential customers. Most people take the time to buy a product and think about it, but if people get the opportunity to think, they will definitely come back to buy your products or services.

Avoid return of goods: The plug-in helps people make better decisions; they are less likely to return any product after purchase. 

Reminder: The plug-in also sends reminders to customers who have chosen an option, which they email before their option expires. This helps improve your conversion rate and reduces abandonment of a case.


The plug-in has some notable features that you should understand before using it on your site or platform.


The plug-in is completely free to use, you only pay outright when one of the options is sold.

Easy to use

The plug-in takes care of everything; you don’t have to worry when updating the product when the option is sold. Everything is automated; you don’t have much to do.

The interface is easy to understand

The plug-in integrates easily with your shop; it takes less than a minute to assimilate. 

Fully customizable

The plug-in is fully customizable, so you can configure each part of your options, such as product, duration, price, and more.

Optionizr is an interesting plug-in not only for companies but also for consumers. If you buy a product, the Optionizr provides an opportunity to give more time and think more before purchasing. For businesses, this is an opportunity to convert these visitors into buyers. The plug-in will change the way in which purchases are made online. This is a highly recommended plug-in if you have an online store.

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